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Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone visit my home to look at my space?

We provide in home consultations at no cost to you.

Will you be able to help with the countertop, backsplash, flooring, and appliances?

Everything can be managed within our showroom with our in-house interior designer at no additional cost

How do your cabinets compare to others?

Our cabinets are all plywood and solid wood construction, made by skilled craftsmen and not massed produced. 

Do you provide financing options?

Yes, we provide two different options for financing. Call or click on the Financing tab for more information.


Do you do cabinets for other areas of the home?

We offer cabinets for all areas such as offices, laundry rooms, walk-in closets, entertainment centers and also for outdoors.

I love my new kitchen! Do you have a referral program?

Yes, see us for details.

Are your cabinets made in the USA?

All of our cabinets are built in the United States with wood products from the United States.

Did this page answer your question?

No? Use the Contact tab to reach out to us for additional information

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